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DRYER "Strut and Fret: A collection of songs between 1993 - 2003 you missed the first time around" - Digital Only - Download Artwork in Word | Images Only

Finally, the best of Sartoga Springs, NY Indie Rock Gods is available for digital download. No more buying out of print cds, comps, and seven inches off ebay! Metroland - cover story NEW video for The Ceiling - Watch at MAGNET

Happy Songs

Michael Gilligan's "Happy Songs About Death" CD (2009) $5

First true solo effort from the label's owner. Featuring special guest stars from bands such as Sponge, Far, Green To Think and many others. CD is available but you can download for FREE.



Arms and Sleepers "Matador" CD (2009) $10

NEW full length! In stores/online now but mail orders are still being shipped. The CD will come with a hand-made & numbered lyric sheet for the first 100 orders! More Details

Please Note: This link is for US/Can CD pre-orders - vinyl below. Europe CD customers go to EC, Japan CD customers go to FM.



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Arms and Sleepers "Matador" 12" Vinyl (2009) $13

Limited edition of 500; first 100 units were pressed on gold vinyl (sold out!) Every LP will also include a password to download the tracks for free (320 Kbps quality). More Details

Miles Hunt


MILES HUNT & ERICA NOCKALLS "Catching More Than We Miss" CD (2009) $10

NEW solo album in stores NOW!!!
"Good stuff, again." The Big Takeover - all that needs to be said. The duo make yet another great record!

Sample: Stay Sacred, Stay Tuned
Available in the UK by IRL

Steven Piperno


STEVEN PIPERNO "Home Grown" (2009 - Digital Only)

The first Solo album from the accomplished producer and singer of Green To Think. More intimate and sober than GTT, but Steven's seasoned songwriting still carries a strong punch.
Sample: Beautiful In Black

352 Ways To....


DOMENICK CARINO "The Only Thing That Comes to Mind are Songs About Us" CDep (2009) $7


Truth, melody and simple yet compelling lyrical portraits of life, Domenick Carino is the singer/songwriter everyone relates to. The former frontman of Red Engine Nine and the Sunday Allstars resurfaces with a brand new EP.
Sample: Alabama

Mr Steve & Miss Katie



MR STEVE & MISS KATIE "Are You Ready? Here We Go!" CD (2007) $10

First ever Family CD released by Fake Chapter! All original music from Mr Steve (Steven Piperno of Green To Think) and Miss Katie (Katie Burtnick)
Sample: I'm Not Afraid Of The Dark

Not An Exit



MILES HUNT "Not An Exit" CD (2007) $10

Perhaps the best solo effort of the Wonder Stuff's lead singer's career. Featuring Erica Nockalls and Andres Karu.

Sample: These Things Remembered (Not At All)
Available in the UK by IRL

Downloading Is Fake 2


FAKE CHAPTER "Downloading Is Fake V.2" Digital Only (2007)

Available only through our digital partners (itunes, emusic & others) features unreleased tracks by The Sixfifteens, Arms and Sleepers, Katie Burtnick, Stephen Reso, Birds of Maya, Benny's Ltitle Weasel, CJ Grogan, plus tracks by Four Minute Mile, Green To Think, and Fortran. For the old school collectors, you can request a cd-r for $5 plus shipping.

Arms and Sleepers



ARMS AND SLEEPERS "bliss was it in that dawn to be alive" CDep (2006) $7

"Bliss.... is a captiviating half hour" - The Silent Ballet
"4+++++" - Babysue
"glows with warmth and intimacy and carries with it a hint of mystery and intrigue." - Tiny Mix Tapes
Sample: warm



MUSIC IS FAKE - Promo CD Vol III (2006) - listen

What's My Name?


HARPER FAIR "What's My Name?" CD (2006) $10

Harper Fair is perhaps the world's youngest recording artist with all of the songs from her first album completed before her second birthday. "What's My Name?" was recorded with the aid of her father, David Fair from Half Japanese fame.
Sample: What's My Name?

Scorpo Shirt

Fake Chapter "Scorpio" Shirt $10

(click image to enlarge)
black/gold on navy blue ringer. available in S, M, L, XL
Quanties Are Low!

Fake Shirt

Fake Chapter "Everything You Like is Fake" Shirt $10

(click image to enlarge)
red/white on black. available in S, M, L, XL

please note: image shows front and back (the FAKE appears on back)

Michael Gilligan


Various Artist/Michael Gilligan CD (2005) $5

The Concept: To make an album where every song is recorded by the actual artist who inspired me as a songwriter. Giving each song a circle of life never done before.

Features Green To Think, Five Dollar Day, Jonah Matranga, Reverend Vince Anderson, Cray and Dempsey, Derek Nelson, Jad Fair, Michael "Sport" Murphy and more. Emusic - Free Downloads



THE SIXFIFTEENS "Feature, Conference, Transfer" CD (2005) $10

Playing an intense mixture of indie rock, power pop, punk and art rock, the Saratoga Springs, NY based quartet (ex-Dryer) are a powerful and dynamic band with influences ranging from Nada Surf, Braid, Sonic Youth, The Pixies and The Jam.
Sample: transmission is static free
Voted Best Band of 2004 by Metroland Magazine

Liar Like Me


GREEN TO THINK "Liar Like Me" CD (2005) $10

"This is an album that's impressively mature" 3.5 Stars from Allmusic.com

"Green To Think's excellent songwriting and good lyrics make this album the sort of emotional music that you're not embarrassed to be caught listening to." (Garage Radio) - Liar Like Me RINGTONES
Sample: Hold On

Out Of Print


MUSIC IS FAKE - Promo CD Vol II (2004) - listen

This Town Is Murder


THE HOUSE LIGHTS "This Town Is Murder" CD (2004) $10

Debut album from former members of Four Minute Mile. The perfect balance of rock, pop, and creativity. It's thoughtful and emotional indie rock/power pop at its finest.
Sample: Box Cutter

Downloading Is Fake


FAKE CHAPTER "Downloading Is Fake V.1" Digital Only (2004)

Available only through our digital partners (itunes, emusic & others) features unreleased tracks by The Trauma Queens, CJ Grogan, Katie Burtnick plus tracks by Four Minute Mile, The Zambonis, Green To Think, Dryer, and Fortran. For the old school collectors, you can request a cd-r for $5 plus shipping.

Esoteric Black Hair


DMBQ "Esoteric Black Hair" CDep (2004) $5

Japanese hard rock and heavy psych infused with elements of noise and free improvisation. This is the debut US release for these long time leaders of the underground Tokyo music scene. Recommended for fans of Led Zepplin, Acid Mothers Temple, Blue Cheer and Flower Travelin Band. - own the cd-r version?
Sample: Ohh! Baby

Lets Not Think About It


THE SIXFIFTEENS "Let's Not Think About It" CDep (2004) $5

The debut EP from the ex-Dryer Saratoga Spring boys. Short and sweet. Indie Rock and Noise at its finest.
Sample: Dusk And Dawn

This EP charted at #2 in Rolling Stone (Issue 951, June 2004)



CJ GROGAN "Newsongtoo" CD (2004) $10

"With all the best rock and roll, it's the singing and the songs that really matter, and let me tell you CJ Grogan delivers the goods with this stunning debut." - Richard X. Heyman
Sample: Chalk Circle

Out Of Print


MUSIC IS FAKE - Promo CD Vol I (2003) - listen

The Plastic Chapter


FOUR MINUTE MILE "The Plastic Chapter" CDep (2003) $5

Featuring members of The House Lights, 4MM is one of those bands with the perfect balance of rock, pop, and creativity. Get the Fake Chapter debut that started it all!
Sample: One Thousand Galaxies

The Trauma Queens


The Malevolent Sounds of the TRAUMA QUEENS CDep (2002) $5

Five of the songs are about murdering women (or possibly the same one, over and over again), and at least one song is about suicide, while another may or may not be about setting yourself on fire.
Sample: Run And Hide

Holiday Compilation


Fake Chapter Records HOLIDAY COMPILATION CDr (2002) $3

Perfect for every office party! Original music from Green To Think, Dryer (The Sixfifteens), Catspaw, and CJ Grogan. Artwork by Andrea Munson. Mastered by Steve Piperno.

Sundays Were Made For This


GREEN TO THINK "Sundays Were Made For This" CDep (2002) $5

“Green To Think is power-pop with terrific musicianship, thoughtful lyrics, sweet melodies and songs that really hold up." (Chris Barron - Spin Doctors)

Get the Fake Chapter debut that started it all!



DODGEBALL / DOC HOPPER "Gooder" split 7 inch vinyl (2001) $3

Dodgeball- The Morning After/Ode To Ted/You Make Me Tired

Doc Hopper- Season Opener/She's Got A New Spell

Fake Chapter


FORTRAN "Jim Beam" cd-r only single (2001) $3

Contains two instrumental classics. Jim Beam and Phoenix. Recorded in 2000 by Andres Karu of Love In Reverse/Amazing Meet Project fame. The tracks also appear on the Downloading Is Fake online only compilations.

Out Of Print
FAKE-13 11/11/99 Video vhs (2000)
Out Of Print
FAKE-12 MICHAEL GILLIGAN "Express Girls" cassette (1999)
Out Of Print
FAKE-11 THE CHAPTER 11 BOOK zine (1999)
Fake Chapter


Fake Chapter Eleven Records presents.... CD (1999) $5

Features Benny's Little Weasel, Dryer, Point Blank, The Pushovers, Dixon Ward, Lucinda Bright, Side Kise, Maybrick, Brooder, Catspaw, Drug Hustler, Some Candy, Colourform and Jerry Pinner/Michael Gilligan. All orders will include a promo copy Fake-05. *enlarge image for track listing*

Out Of Print
FAKE-09 MICHAEL GILLIGAN "4 - 2 - 1" cassette (1998)


JERRY PINNER & MICHAEL GILLIGAN "Clovanet and a Wa-Wa Pedal" cassette 1998 (title is misspelled on purpose) $4

During our college years, Jerry and I dazzled Rowan audiences with our unique brand of acoustic rock. Features covers/originals, studio/live tracks recorded over 4 years at Rowan. Includes the cult classic "Mailbox Girl" and covers of They Might Be Giants, Dryer, The Clash, Soul Asylum, and Reel Big Fish.



BENNY'S LITTLE WEASEL "Word In Edgewise" cassette (1997) $4

Unfortunately, this might be one of the most overlooked classics this label will ever be a part of. Includes a brilliant cover of Cindy Lauper's "Time After Time"



COLOURFORM / MANOS & MCNEELY split 7 inch vinyl (1997) $3

Both bands debut on my comps. This split includes five new instrumental songs. Truly a creative piece of work and one of my 'I can die happy' products.

Out Of Print


THE CHAPTER 11 COMP  copies still available w/ FAKE-10
Out Of Print


RON DURSO "Cappo Fourth Fret"  cassette/cd-r (1997)
Out Of Print
FAKE-03 THE BLEEDING MONROES "Which Way To Shelbyville?" (1997)
Out Of Print


THE PUSHOVERS / POINT BLANK split cassette (1996) $4

released 11/11/96 (reason for our holiday!)  2 great pop-punk bands. Quanities are low!

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