Colourform / Fortran

ColourformColourform was the ongoing project of guitarist Jared DiMassino working on and off with Jason Lukach and various other musicians. After Lukach moved on to The Sweetners andApocalypstik fame, the project continued on with Ed Hull and Fake Chapter's Gilligan writing and recording new music.  The new lineup (minus Jason Lukach) was called Fortran.

Colourform first appeared on the Chapter 11 Comp in 1997 with the track Safety Pins, and then followed with the split 7" single Thirsty Model (with the band Monas.)  In 1999, the FCE Presents... comp featured the song Pimps Lament and in the three years all we got were three songs.  Working at that slow pace in 2000, Ed, Gilligan, and Jared completed a session with producer Andres Karu (Love in Reverse, Amazing Meet Project) recording the single Jim Beam / Phoenix. (Fake-14)  

You can order Jason's Apocalypstik 7 inch in our catalog page.


From Sense Mag -   "their song is called 'Safety Pins', yet their sounds is not quite punk, but strict electric melodies without vocals or drums. They sound like being born during the 2 first 4AD years."

From Freaky Huff -  "cool instrumental, has a very cool sound to it."

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Soundclips - Jim Beam - Phoenix - Pimps Lament - Safety Pins