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Green To Think

Green To Think was formed in NJ by the Piperno brothers Steven and David during the summer of 2000. With the help of a few friends they self-released their first EP "Fireworks On The Grass." GTT was quickly courted by Fake Chapter Records to release their second EP "Sundays Were Made For This" and in May 2002 the CD was launched. After two years of touring and supporting the EP, Green To Think went to work on their 3rd release and first full length CD. During this time, Steven's brother David decided to part ways on the best of terms. Shortly after, Ken Adessa (drummer) followed suit but not before recording most of the new record. Still with Chris Smith (bass), Steven recruited Nick Cavagnaro (formerly of Darby Jones) on lead guitar and Scott Pohlman (formerly of The Milwaukees) to rock the drums.  Together, they finished the record.  Change has always been good to GTT and this time was no exception. "Liar Like Me" was released in 2005.

Check it out - Steven Piperno has gone solo! Steve Piperno on Spotify

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FEATURED SELECTION: "Liar Like Me - The 10th Anniversary Edition" 2016

Liar Like Me

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