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Miles Hunt

As leader of the Stourbridge, England band the Wonder Stuff, Miles Hunt was able to not only enjoy chart success, but he was able to do it with one hell of a sneer on his face. When the Wonder Stuff released their first album, The Eight Legged Groove Machine, in 1988, the British press wrote scores of articles about the band, mainly because of the arrogant self-confidence of their leader. Hunt's brash public image was the Wonder Stuff personified — mean, self-satisfied, self-serving, and scathingly witty. . (Allmusic.com)

The Wonder Stuff were instant stars in England. In the early 2000s [after a break up in '94] the band regrouped with some new members including Erica Nockalls on violin. During various breaks (while original guitarist Malcolm Treece raises a family), Miles and Erica continue to tour and release records. Their '07 effort Not An Exit and '09s Catching More Than We Miss is by far the best solo material of Miles Hunt's career and probably his strongest since The Wonder Stuff first reached stardom.  

The Wonder Stuff celebrating 30 years - support their new project on Pledge Music.

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FEATURED SELECTION: "Catching More Than We Miss" 2009 Miles Hunt on Spotify

Not An Exit

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