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Steven Piperno -- 21 Random Things About Me

1. I have a dog named Sprocket | 2. I was the lead singer in the band Green To Think
3. I was robbed at knife point when I was 17 | 4. I write, produce, record & mix music for other bands
5. I have a mint green scooter | 6. I do sound design for TV / radio commercials & animation
7. I write songs in my sleep & go to a hypnotist to recall them | 8. I like my in-laws
9. I change my mind a lot | 10. My favorite color is red | 11. Orange tic-tacs are my fav candy
12. I recently started surfing | 13. I love/hate New Jersey | 14. I want to live in a big city & small town at the same time
15. I know everything about employee equity plans | 16. I talk in my sleep | 17. I have chicken legs
18. I can sleep on a plane, through take-off & landing | 19. I own more than 20 pairs of shoes
20. My armpits don’t smell | 21. I released a kids CD with Katie Burtnick (SteveandKatie.com)

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FEATURED SELECTION: "Home Grown" 2008 Steve Piperno on Spotify


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