Algebra II

Add. Subtract. Multiple. Divide.

Jason Lukach was featured on several Fake Chapter releases as the bassist for Colourform before starting his own label.

Algebra II Records : 675 Coles Street, Maywood, NJ 07607


FAKE-23 $5

DMBQ "Esoteric Black Hair" CDep (2004)

Japanese hard rock and heavy psych infused with elements of noise and free improvisation. This is the debut US release for these long time leaders of the underground Tokyo music scene. Recommended for fans of Led Zepplin, Acid Mothers Temple, Blue Cheer and Flower Travelin Band.

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1. Smoker
2. Ohh! Baby
3. Magica Relation
4. Fellows
5. Altered Rock
6. Are You Satisfied?
7. S.S.S.
Trauma Queens

FAKE-18 $5

The Malevolent Sounds of the TRAUMA QUEENS CDep (2002)

Five of the songs are about murdering women (or possibly the same one, over and over again), and at least one song is about suicide, while another may or may not be about setting yourself on fire.

1. Run And Hide
2. Cut My Heart In Two (And Now I'm Cutting You)
3. The Tears I Cry
4. Two Bullets Is All You Need
5. Get Out Of My Head (Get Into The Ground)
6. Loving You Is Like Being On Fire
7. Hang A Rope From The Rafters When You Leave

Alegra II - $3

Apocalypstik   7 inch vinyl (2000)

Jason Lukach's (Colourform/Algebra II) project from Shippenburg, PA. Also features members of the Trauma Queens.