Arms and Sleepers

FAKE-32 $7

ARMS AND SLEEPERS "bliss was it in that dawn to be alive" CDep (2006)

"Bliss.... is a captiviating half hour" - The Silent Ballet

"4+++++" - Babysue

"glows with warmth and intimacy and carries with it a hint of mystery and intrigue." - Tiny Mix Tapes


1. beneath bricks and books
2. a mission to prague
3. arms/sleepers
4. warm
5. a girl named clive
6. moscow pop
7. (untitled)
Downloading Is Fake 2


FAKE CHAPTER "Downloading Is Fake V.2" Digital Only (2007)

Features Arms and Sleepers "we're all Paris now (pt. 1)"

Distro $13

ARMS AND SLEEPERS "Black Paris 86" CD (2007)

First full length and first release on the German label Expect Candy

1. Greetings From Tokyo
2. A Mission To Prague
3. Lausanne
4. Black Paris 86
5. Seems (If Ever)
6. 71 Fragments Of A Chronology Of Chance
7. Warm

8. I Was A Climber
9. Butterflycatcher
10. Like A Typewriter From A Moving Train
11. Rooftops/Lanterns
12. we're all Paris now (pt. 3)

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