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CJ GROGAN "Newsongtoo" CD (2004)

"With all the best rock and roll, it's the singing and the songs that really matter, and let me tell you CJ Grogan delivers the goods with this stunning debut." - Richard X. Heyman

1. Truth Inside My Lies
2. Go
3. Thrashing Doves
4. Chalk Circle
5. Bacharach
6. Colourblind
7. Fall Down On Me
8. Painted Line
9. The Once In A While
10. Turning The Beat
11. Some Of My
12. Newsongtoo
13. Sort Of A Lullaby
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FAKE CHAPTER "Downloading Is Fake V.2" Digital Only (2007)

Features "Somewhere Along the Way" and "December" by CJ Grogan

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FAKE CHAPTER "Downloading Is Fake V.1" Digital Only (2004)

Available only through our digital partners (itunes, emusic & others)

features the unreleased track"Decameron" by CJ Grogan

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MUSIC IS FAKE - Promo CD Vol III (2006) -

FREE with every order. Features NEW tracks from Green To Think, The Sixfifteens, Harper Fair, Rev Vince Anderson plus The HouseLights, DMBQ, Four Minute Mile, The Trauma Queens, and CJ Grogan. Mastered and layout by Steve Piperno. Artwork by Visible Rhythm.


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Fake Chapter Records HOLIDAY COMPILATION CDr (2002)

Perfect for every office party!! Features CJ Grogan "December" (previously unreleased) and original music from Green To Think, Dryer (The Sixfifteens), and Catspaw. Artwork by Andrea Munson. Mastered by Steve Piperno at GTT Studios.

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