Dryer (featuring members of The Sixfifteens)
Downloading Is Fake


FAKE CHAPTER "Downloading Is Fake V.1" Digital Only (2004)

Available only through our digital partners (itunes, emusic & others) features unreleased tracks by The Trauma Queens, CJ Grogan, Katie Burtnick plus tracks by Four Minute Mile, The Zambonis, Green To Think, Dryer, and Fortran. For the old school collector, some cd-r copies are available for $5 plus shipping (while supplies last)


FAKE-17 $3

Fake Chapter Records HOLIDAY COMPILATION CDr (2002)

Perfect for every office party! Features Catspaw "Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me" and original music from Green To Think, Dryer (The Sixfifteens), and CJ Grogan. Artwork by Andrea Munson. Mastered by Steve Piperno at GTT Studios.

Fake Chapter

FAKE-10 $5

Fake Chapter Eleven Records presents....  CD (1999)

Features Dryer's"I Hate Everything" and new music from Benny's Little Weasel, Catspaw, Point Blank, The Pushovers, Dixon Ward, Lucinda Bright, Side Kise, Maybrick, Brooder, Drug Hustler, Some Candy, Colourform and Jerry Pinner/Michael Gilligan. All orders will include a promo copy Fake-05. *enlarge image for track listing*

Out Of The Loop

Distro - $7

Dryer "Out Of The Loop" CD (Tramp/Paint Chip 1998)
Saturday In Vain

Distro - $7

Dryer "Saturday In Vain" CD (Paint Chip 1996)
Everything In Static

Distro - $5

Dryer "Everything In Static" CD (Gig 2001)

Distro - $3

Dryer / Beef split 7 inch vinyl (Tramp 1996)
The Sixfifteens (featuring members of Dryer)