What's My Name?

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HARPER FAIR "What's My Name?" CD (2006)

Harper Fair is perhaps the world's youngest recording artist with all of the songs from her first album completed before her second birthday. "What's My Name?" was recorded with the aid of her father, David Fair from Half Japanese fame.

1. What's My Name?
2. Oopsy Daisy
3. Mama Meow
4. Harper Dub
5. Uh-Oh
6. Woof Woof
7. Oh Brother
8. Meow
9. Mama Papa/Yes No/Haper Emm
10. Meow/Moo
11. Harper Hot
12. LubbaLubba
13. Yiyayiya
14. Harper Kissing Papa
15. HuHu Yes
16. Hooray!
17. Rock On!
18. Tickle Rock
19. Moving Around
20. Up Up Up
21. R-R-R Rock! I Mean It, Man
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MUSIC IS FAKE - Promo CD Vol III (2006) -

FREE with every order. Features NEW tracks from Green To Think, The Sixfifteens, Harper Fair, Rev Vince Anderson plus The HouseLights, DMBQ, Four Minute Mile, The Trauma Queens, and CJ Grogan. Mastered and layout by Steve Piperno. Artwork by Visible Rhythm.

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Michael Gilligan

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Various Artist/Michael Gilligan CD (2005)

The Concept: To make an album where every song is recorded by the actual artist who inspired me as a songwriter. Giving each song a circle of life never done before.

Features Green To Think, Five Dollar Day, Jonah Matranga, Reverend Vince Anderson, Cray and Dempsey, Derek Nelson, Jad Fair, Michael "Sport" Murphy and more.

Emusic - Free Downloads

1. The Queen Of New York
2. The Drive
3. Your Smile
4. Jesus Was A Lonely Man
5. The Eve Of My Birthday
6. The Drive
7. A Reason
8. September 17, 2051