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MR STEVE & MISS KATIE "Are You Ready? Here We Go!" CD (2007)

First ever Family CD released by Fake Chapter! All original music from Mr Steve (Steven Piperno of Green To Think) and Miss Katie (Katie Burtnick)

1. Good Morning Today
2. Please and Thank You
3. I'm Not Afraid Of The Dark
4. Are You Ready? Here We Go!
5. The Sound Of The Train
6. Count To 10
8. Alphabet Alphabet
9. Letters Letters Everywhere
10. Count To 10 (Animals)
11. Lullaby
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Liar Like Me

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GREEN TO THINK "Liar Like Me" CD (2005) -

"This is an album that's impressively mature" 3.5 Stars from Allmusic.com

"Green To Think's excellent songwriting and good lyrics make this album the sort of emotional music that you're not embarrassed to be caught listening to." (Garage Radio)


1. Dear Urgency
2. Blonde
3. Prisoner Of War
4. Can You Hear Me?
5. Paint Me Pictures
6. Hold On
7. Liar Like Me
8. Song For A Girl
9. Wake Up Sarah
10. We Are Stars
11. Anything For You
12. Can I Call You?
Sundays Were Made For This

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GREEN TO THINK "Sundays Were Made For This" CDep (2002)

“Green To Think is power-pop with terrific musicianship, thoughtful lyrics, sweet melodies and songs that really hold up." (Chris Barron - Spin Doctors)

Get the Fake Chapter debut that started it all!

1. Sundays Were Made For This
2. Rockin'
3. Alison Rose
4. Better
5. And You Dream
6. Dear My Heaven
Downloading Is Fake 2


FAKE CHAPTER "Downloading Is Fake V.2" Digital Only (2007)

Features "It's Christmas Eve" by Green To Think, "Fireflies" by Katie Burtnick

Downloading Is Fake


FAKE CHAPTER "Downloading Is Fake V.1" Digital Only (2004)

Available only through our digital partners (itunes, emusic & others)

Features "Nineteen" by Green To Think, "Priority" by Katie Burtnick