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The Sixfifteens on Spotify



THE SIXFIFTEENS "Feature, Conference, Transfer" CD (2005) $10

Playing an intense mixture of indie rock, power pop, punk and art rock, the Saratoga Springs, NY based quartet (ex-Dryer) are a powerful and dynamic band with influences ranging from Nada Surf, Braid, Sonic Youth, The Pixies and The Jam. Voted Best Band of 2004 by Metroland Magazine

1. model glue | 2. montreal | 3. tex watson | 4. feature, conference, transfer |
5. transmission is static free | 6. i'm a shit | 7. whose heart do you have? |
8. everything brand new | 9. xerox machines | 10. the rapture
Lets Not Think About It


THE SIXFIFTEENS "Let's Not Think About It" CDep (2004) $5

The debut EP. Short and sweet. Indie Rock and Noise at its finest. This EP charted at #2 in Rolling Stone (Issue 951, June 2004)

1. Dusk And Dawn | 2. Tell All Your Lies | 3. Since Yesterday | 4. Fight Song |
5. 5 Minutes | 6. Camera | 7. Auto-Stop

FAKE-41 -

DRYER "Strut and Fret: A collection of songs between 1993 - 2003 you missed the first time around" - Digital Only - Download Artwork in Word | Images Only

Finally, the best of Saratoga Springs, NY Indie Rock Gods is available for digital download. No more buying out of print cds, comps, and seven inches off ebay! Metroland - cover story. Video for "The Ceiling" - Watch at MAGNET

Dryer "Out Of The Loop" CD (Tramp/Paint Chip 1998) - $7
Dryer "Saturday In Vain" CD (Paint Chip 1996) - $7
Dryer / Beef split 7 inch vinyl (Tramp 1996) - $3

FAKE CHAPTER "Downloading Is Fake V.2" Digital Only (2007) FAKE-33

Available only through our digital partners (itunes, emusic & others) features The Sixfifteens "All My Friends".

Fake Chapter Eleven Records presents.... CD (1999) $5 FAKE-10

features Dryer "I Hate Everything" and "New Song"

Fake Chapter Home.