This interview was conducted on 10.7.00 and therefore no longer relevant and barely amusing. However, I will keep this posted to honor the man. Sadly he passed away in 2012, but was a great man and quite the inspiration. If I had half his work ethic, maybe I would have made something of this company. I'll keep trying to live up.

So how old were you when you were "blessed" for the fourth and final time?
42 years old.

At that age, were you more proud or just surprised?
More proud

23 years later, can you believe this child still lives at home?

So what do you think of this whole Fake Chapter Records thing?
It needs some sort of a correct application. (huh???)

Now that you are only a few months away from retirement, I noticed that you are starting to do some artwork again. Any CD covers in your future?
Yes, if it is the right occasion.