What's My Name?

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"What's My Name?" CD (2006)

1. What's My Name? - FREE DOWNLOAD
2. Oopsy Daisy
3. Mama Meow
4. Harper Dub
5. Uh-Oh
6. Woof Woof
7. Oh Brother
8. Meow
9. Mama Papa/Yes No/Haper Emm
10. Meow/Moo
11. Harper Hot
12. LubbaLubba
13. Yiyayiya
14. Harper Kissing Papa
15. HuHu Yes
16. Hooray!
17. Rock On!
18. Tickle Rock
19. Moving Around
20. Up Up Up
21. R-R-R Rock! I Mean It, Man


Harper Fair

Harper Fair is perhaps the world's youngest recording artist with all of the songs from her first album completed before her second birthday. "What's My Name?" was recorded with the aid of her father, David Fair from Half Japanese fame.

Harper's vocals celebrate her early flirtation with the English language. She was born half way around the world and had only heard English for a few months when this project began. Her father (David Fair) first recorded her voice as she pronounced the phrase "Oops daisy". The intention at that point was merely to preserve the innocence of her early attempt. Before long, though, he decided tos et the words to music. The next day he held little Harper up to a microphone and encouraged her to say any of the few English words that she could pronounce. She repeated her name several times between giggles. From that recording the title track was realized. They continued in this manner producing songs at the rate, generally, of one per day. Her brother, Robinson Fair, played guitar on "Oh Brother" and her best friend, Emma Zychowski, added vocals to "Moving Around."