this interview was conducted on April 3, 2000.

So Mom Gilligan, do you take full responsibility for the life of Michael Gilligan?
Umm. I guess so.

Do you remember the day he was born?
Yes, it was a Tuesday night and we had to borrow our neighbors car when ours wouldn't start.

Did he show any "special" qualities at a young age?
Yes, he could completely understand the game of football at age 3.

So what do you think of this Fake Chapter Records thing?
Right behind it - going to pick up big someday.

How much Fake Chapter merchandise do you own?
None at the moment.

So are you happy that as soon as your daughter bought a house of her very own, her old bedroom quickly got turned into the Fake Chapter office?
Not a problem. It's a nice office.

Finally, when your little "surprise" was born and you held his fragile body in your warm arms for the very first time, did you think, even for a second, that he would still be living with you 22 years later?
Of course