I would just like to take the time to thank everyone who participated, attended or who was invited but unable.  11/11 is a special day for me and the label so thanks for all the love and support. I am sorry to Scott and all the bands for the messed up scheduling. Having 6 bands got a little crazy. Glad everyone still had a good time... or so you say.

I would like to thank the bands...

King of Prussia | The Sweetners | Friends of the Library | Shairzay | Homo Camp      

Jessica, Jerry, Dawn, Andrea, Kristine, Mike, Chris, brother Chris, Wally, Jill, Melissa, Jay, Tina, Tami, PJ, Ted, Elisa, Melissa, Trisha, any other Commerce "broad", Lukach, Michele, Sara, Burg, Ken, Lisa, Rob, Voll, Sue, Quirk, Paul, Stacey, John, Sri, Mike, John, Jordan and the girls they brought, Kate and the play people she brought, Geoff, Jill, Kerry, Nina.

A big special thanks to Scott McNeely

And a big special thanks to the six people who stayed until 1:30 am to hear me play.  Pennington, Karen, Waryn, Kevin, Joe, and Dallas. There was about 60 people at this shindig and EVERY can of beer was consumed but the house wasn't wrecked. THANKS AGAIN.

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