Once again, 11/11 was held at the K of C Hall in Maywood, NJ.  The first time with an afternoon start, this 11/11 was also the record release party for the split 7" from Dodgeball / Doc Hopper

Performances: Shairzay, Hey Jenny, The Bleeding Monroes, Brian Luff (Dodgeball)

THANKS to all of the invited guests - Jill, Ron, my parents, Larry and Karen, Debbie, Erik, Christa, Michelle, Voll, Sue, Corey, Pennington, Pezz, George, Dawn, Dorothy, Jim, Bill, All of Dodgeball, Chris Pierce, Melanie, Lukach and his lady friend, Michelle, Sarah, Ed, Jared, Eller, Jill and Scott, Tina, Chris, Dan, Burg, Sri, Ahmad, Mike Daddy and all their ladies, Danielle, Emily, Kevin, Emily's sister, Dan, Maryann, Warnye, Matt Dvorn, P.J, Lisa, Rob, Mr. Ben Goldberg, Nicole, Anthony, and one month old Julia, bartender Ray, and everyone else in attendence or who tried to be there. (like Mark Elliott who got lost on the way, yes yes yes exit 160!!! NOT 162)

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