For the third and final year, it was held at the K of C in Maywood, NJ.  However this year the hall was only the first part. Part 2 was held at Cool Beans in Oradell and the first Public 11/11 (no longer do you have to be a close personal friend of Gilligan, even the common can enjoy 11/11). This year was also the record release party for the Fake Chapter Record's Holiday Compiliaton.


Part 1: Gilligan, The Stone Cutters

I would also like to thank all of the invited guests for the Sunday party- Jill, Ron, my parents, Larry and Karen for the extra help. Alexa Rose, Burg, Tina, Chris, Jared, Waryne, Chrissy, James, Ken, Jill, Eller, Sarah, Nima, Dan, Ed, Michelle, Lukach, Jim, Colleen, Dorothy, Nicole, Anthony, Julia, Lisa, Kate, Andrea, Jerry, Pennington, Debbie, Erik, Rob, Dennis, Chris, Isabelle, Marvin and Team UPS, Matt, Ian, Mike & Mark- Stone Cutters, Jay, Sue, bartender Ken, and everyone else in attendence or who wanted to be there.

Part 2: Gilligan, Green To Think

(Dom from Red Engine Nine was to give a special guest acoustic set for the Cool Beans party. However, unfortunately he was bruitily attacked after one of their shows the weekend before. Our thoughts go out to Dom and the band as they recover.)

I would also like to thank everyone who attended Monday's party at Cool Beans- Steve, Dave, Ken, Chris- Green To Think, Chris and his staff, Ron, Nima, Jim, Jill, Jacky, Amanda, Mary Ellen, Meggan, Mrs. Smith, and the two HS girls that drove two hours for taking the video footage.

From Green To Think's Journal:

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