This year the party was held at Romanissimo in Lyndhurst, NJ. A poor attempt to class up the tradition. After the success of last year, Part 2 was once again held at Cool Beans in Oradell. This year the record release was CJ Grogan's "Newsongtoo" (in stores Jan 2004)


Part 1: CJ Grogan, Gilligan

As always, THANKS to all the invited guests for the Sunday party- Lillian, my parents, Karen, Alexa, Larry, Sarah, Jill, Pete, PJ, Megan, Tina, Chris, Waryne, Jill, Shawn, Nima, Ron, Dan, Chris, Marlana, Ed, Michelle, Maryellen, Christa, Chris, Michelle, Jim, Colleen, Dorothy, Gerry, Derek, Jen, Dave, Dareen, Joe, Michele, Mike, Sri, Bill, Ellen, Rani, Alan, Jeff, Dan, Maryanne, Jason, Ken, Joe, Michelle, Nichole, Vince and a very special thanks to DeRose for the PA, Chris for performing, Jeff for the T-shirt designs, Bill and the staff at Romanissimo and everyone who was there in spirit.

Part 2: Green To Think, CJ Grogan

  Held at Cool Beans in Oradell, NJ. I would also like to thank everyone who attended Tuesday's party -The Grogan family and friends, Steve & Ken- Green To Think, Ron, Jim, Jill, Meggan, my parents and of course Chris and the staff at Cool Beans.

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