Part 1: Honeyface

Part 1 was held at fake chapter's favorite place, Cool Beans in Oradell. Unfortunately, CJ Grogan suffered a hand injury just days before the show which prevent him from playing. THANKS so much to Honeyface for picking up the slack and thanks to everyone who came.

Part 2: Green To Think, Gilligan

Once again we went Italian restaurant route, this time at Picasso's in Lodi. As always, THANKS to everyone in attendance- my parents, Jill, Tina, Chris, Waryne, Ken, Sarah, Nima, Ron, Ed, Christa, Jim, Colleen, Butch, Sue, Chuck, The Karns, Jeff, Dorothy, Gerry, Derek, Katie, Dareen, Kyle, Ben, Melanie, Mike, Jessica, Natalie, Aimee, Matt, Sarah, Dan, Mike, and a very special thanks to DeRose for the PA, Steve, Dave, and Ken for performing, Jeff for the sticker design, and everyone who was there in spirit.

Part 3: The Sixfifteens

Part 3 was in combination with Philadelphia's IPO festival. Doc Watson has a nice restaurant downstairs so I want to give a special thanks to everyone who came for dinner and drinks. THANKS to PJ, Megan, Ron, Christa, Michelle, Megan, Mike, Sri, Jeff, Sabrina, Mike, Jerry, Andrea, Scott, Dave and IPO, and of course the Sixfifteens.

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